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Jason Williams

  Jason Williams with his upright bass  

Jason is a self-taught bassist. He has been playing upright bass for around 15 years and enjoys all forms of music, especially swing and jazz.

Apart from a brief period in the late 1980's, playing rhythm guitar in The Beatnix, Jason's area of expertise and passion is the bass. His thumping “slap” style of playing acts as a second percussion instrument, yet still providing a solid rhythm and underlying lower register melody behind the rest of the band.

Jason's music influences include Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Louis Prima and his all time favourite, Little Richard. The impact these artists have had on Jason's style is evident when Jason gets “in the groove”.

Jason shares lead vocal duties with Steve and Warwick, and excels at harmony singing.

Whether he is playing a smooth walking rhythm or jumping into the spotlight with a slapping solo, Jason's playing makes everyone sit up and take notice!