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Uncle Bob's Band First CD, Unfinished Business

Ragtime (Burkys, recorded 1976) From UBB’s “lost” album produced by Dave Flett at Richmond Recorders in Melbourne in 1976, not long before the band called it a day. One of UBB’s signature numbers, often used to bring down the house at the end of the night and burn up whatever energy the dancers had left.

Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Burkys, recorded 1976) Also from the lost album. Plaintive crooning from Terry, hearbreak guitar from Bob.

Music Lover from Way Back (Butler/Kennington, recorded 2003) Warwick, Tony and John came together in January 2003 and resurrected this song from the band’s latter days.

Billie (Butler/Burkys, recorded 2002) From Heavy Mettle, Tony’s album with the Music Lovers from Way Back (mainly members of the Cafe Society Orchestra), this tribute to Billie Holliday, a late UBB song, features vocals by Sydney jazz veteran Carol Ralfe.

This Just Can’t Be True (Dease/Taylor, recorded 2003) UBB recorded this in 1976 as a single, then broke up immediately after. Nearly 30 years later, Warwick, Tony and John took it out of their storehouse of songs, dusted it off, and found that old connection.

Where the Trocadero Used to Be (Butler/Burkys, recorded 2002) A song that will always be relevant, played by UBB and Captain Matchbox. From Heavy Mettle.

Mystery Girl (Taylor, recorded 2003) A near perfect new song by John, recorded at the Lakeside reunion.

Plainsong (Butler/Burkys, recorded 1976) From the lost album. One of the core songs in the UBB canon. A showcase for Bob, Terry and Keith. When he first heard it, Bob complained about the “creamy chords”, but he grew to love them.

And, of course, One Fine Morning (McGown/Burkys)

All songs APRA.