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Uncle Bob's Band Posters cont.

Adventures in Paradise - Dural Memorial Hall Adventures in Paradise at Dural Poster (click to enlarge)

Was originally a one colour poster which is seen here after a quick touch-up job to ascertain how colour could work on the Paddington Town Hall art.
The Dural night saw the hall resplendent with great tufts of fernery and other miscellaneous decorations to set the mood. Also featuring on the night was a nine foot square backdrop for the stage based loosely on a Caruba Rum label. It was originally tightly based on the Caruba label but by the time we'd sampled the rum (in the interests of authenticity) the looseness sort of crept up on us and took over.
Needless to say we still managed to get up on stage that night and perform - and there's a stereo live recording to prove it - though the recording could not capture all the girlfriends and wives dressed in their gold body paint and their grass skirts during the Flip Dunbar and his Inflatable Thongs segment.