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Uncle Bob's Band Posters cont.

Adventures in Paradise - Paddington Town Hall Adventures in Paradise at Paddo Poster (click to enlarge)

Was the big, four colour, 800-odd edition for, what was to almost become, UBB's largest ever concert/event/extravaganza. Organised by a friend the Adventures poster was commissioned as a spare-no-expense-even-though-we-haven't-any-money job which suited us fine.
Armed with flagons of the roughest vino (to fight off the ink fumes) we proceeded to fill our large, ten bedroom share-a-mansion with pieces of wet paper all over again. Many volunteers lined up to smoke a toke, glug a swig and take away the latest screen printed sheet to dry somewhere flat. A bevy of assistants rolled and lit while the rest of us screened and carried, screened and carried, smoked and swigged, screened and carried into the day. By the time the last colour was on we'd smoked our stash and our volunteers had pissed off to leave us with the cleaning up. If they'd known we still had a secret stash out back they'd have licked the ink off the silk screens till the cows came home - but they didn't and we did.
Anyway, it was one of those very hot days Sydney is famous for and we all took a break in the swimming pool at half time. Being the height of the hippy era we did it properly, all plenty of us naked as anything, stoned as everything and half pissed as the next guy, all splashing and bouncing and cavorting in the sweetest Dural water ever pumped into an outdoor, chlorinated pool.
Later, when the pool filter broke and the agent wouldn't fix it, that pool became the sweetest Dural water filled algae tank complete with resident ducks who took it upon themselves to stay and try to catch the fish someone had let loose to eat the algae. And who said hippies were crazy? The event itself, at the Paddington Town Hall, attracted all our legions of fans who did their best to fill that incredibly large room. Complete with all our guises and a rack of hired costumes Uncle Bob's Band proceeded through the night in all its manic innocence and a great time was had.
The day-after party saw us splashing around in a huge plastic bin full of tequila sunrise (courtesy of the show's Producer) and a further good time was had by all.... I think.
The poster remains my first attempted use of actual photo transparencies as part of the design. If you look closely you'll see that the women are naked and the water is wet. That's me with my hair still dry.