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Uncle Bob's Band Banner

Uncle Bob's Band Posters

Over the years the band hosted their own gigs. To attract sufficient punters our resident artist would design an advertising campaign and these posters below were the result of the more memorable campaigns.

John Takeaway Taylor Photo of John Taylor
has been an artist almost as long as he's been a musician. In the early days he designed, then cut the stencils and, with a flagon of red to kill the ink/paint fumes and a few mates to help kill the flagon, screened 'em in his lounge room!

Here is a selection from those days accompanied by John's comments.

Sydney Xmas Poster (click to enlarge) Adventures in Paradise at Dural Poster (click to enlarge) Adventures in Paradise at Paddington Poster (click to enlarge) Have Fun Poster (click to enlarge) Spring Cleaning Poster (click to enlarge) Quietly on the Run Poster (click to enlarge)