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Uncle Bob's Band Posters cont.

Spring Cleaning - Balmain Town Hall The Spring Cleaning Poster (click to enlarge)

My favourite UBB poster. Another four colour job that nearly ruined our production line of assistants by being so white and, therefore, needing that extra bit of attention to cleanliness the other posters hadn't.
We hired a professional poster putter-upperer company to distribute these around Sydney and it was great to see huge walls of potted flowers spread around town.
This was our biggest night, audience-wise. The Balmain Town Hall sagged under the weight of too many happy dancers and the heavily-bribed concierge ( just loved that whisky, folks) almost fell out of his coma when the entire dance floor did a trampoline during the Blue Skies finale.
For those of you not familiar with the Balmain Town Hall, the entire dance floor upstairs was lightly sprung for ballroom dancing. It also didn't bother with too many supports downstairs, either. The end result, once said floor space was covered with a few hundred dancing hippies all gyrating to the same rhythm, was for the entire floor to actually trampoline itself into a state of near takeoff. It was by standing in the centre of the room and realising that you were actually going up and down about five feet that the true reality of the situation revealed itself.
But then, why worry? All of us in the band were all safely up on the stage and, let's face it, who'd be stupid enough to just stand out there in the middle of a bouncing dance floor worrying about safety when everybody else was high as a kite and dancing their arses off like they shoulda been to the raging sounds of Uncle Bob's Band et al?