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Uncle Bob's Band Posters cont.

Sydney Christmas - Dural Memorial Hall Sydney Xmas Poster (click to enlarge)

Was one of the multi-coloured poster pioneers for Uncle Bob's Band. Armed with disgustingly cheap flagon wine (to fight off the ink fumes) and bags of herb combustibles (to fight off the ink fumes) we sweated over those silk screens through the best part of a day (I think).
Ever seen every flat surface in (and out of ) a house completely covered with drying sheets of poster-sized paper? Well , you just weren't there then.
Sydney Christmas was, for me, the epitome of all things good in Sydney that particular Christmas. The band was firing, the crowds were rolling in to check us out and dance themselves into heaps of petticoats and stoned semi-oblivion, the Queensland heads were slipping through to us in plentiful supply and XXXX Bitter beer in those cute orange-labelled bottles was discovered to be wet, cold, alcoholic and delicious.